We have been creating solutions and developing ourselves since 1997 for all educational institutions, particularly Universities, to be able to get the most efficient service in Student and Personnel Identity Cards,

T-Kart, thanks to the service it offers to education sector for 18 years; offers solutions for card needs in the fields of identity card, pass control systems and fee collection in schools, colleges and universities.

Today, use of smart card produce optimal results in reducing labor and time cost in all units of a corporation and in accessing measurable data in an instant. Now, all applications such as access to personal information; personnel and attendance tracking; pass security and authorization; dining hall, vending machine, photocopiers, fee collection in service and parking areas; borrowing and time tracking in libraries and activity areas; dormitory security and sustainability projects can be performed by means of student and personnel identity cards in education sector. Nowadays, private universities increase functionality of student identity cards by developing joint projects with different sectors. For example, the cards used in universities cooperating with banks and transportation integrators extend the area of use beyond campus through their credit and debit card or transportation card properties as well as ID card properties.

We are aware of the importance of identity cards, which are one of the most important prestige indicators in education sector and playing a significant role in ensuring field security, for both corporate personnel and students .

Accordingly, we provide you with the most economical, reliable, quickest and quality service by working closely with our experienced team, system and software integrators in order to develop the best smart card solutions..


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