T-Kart takes part in all tenders announced by public institutions and organizations and private institutions related to card projects.

The institutions offering service in public and corporate field announce tenders for procurement of cards and card components used in card projects developed for ensuring in-house security in the field of particularly National Identity and Health, Public Transportation, E-Signature, Sports, etc. 

T-Card has gained a great deal of accomplishment so far through its investments in tenders announced by public institutions and organizations for card projects. T-Kart which is in the leading position in this field, maintains its sensitivity and interest in tenders and continues its studies in order to provide full support to institutions developing high volume card projects in Public and Corporate field.

T-Kart has the infrastructure and certifications required for taking part in T.R. National Identity Card project which contains high security factors and for which production is made meticulously and it carries out studies in this field. Besides, T-Kart provides service in the fields of E-signature cards and card readers which came to be used upon enforcement of electronic signature law in our country and continues its studies to provide better service in this field.


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