EMV Kartları

T-Kart, completing its MasterCard and VISA certification processes successfully, got into bank card production market…

As one of the well-established card companies in Turkey, T-Kart provides service in leading position in Non-EMV card market particularly contact, non-contact, RFID, magnetic strip products; it completed its MasterCard and VISA certification processes successfully and began to provide service as a card supplier for MC and VISA certified products mainly used in Financial Services sector.

T-Kart produces the cards for projects in the fields of prepaid debit cards, e-identity cards and banking, transportation, education, etc. as well as production of chip and magnetic strip (HiCo/LoCo) credit cards and debit cards in its factory established in conformity with MC and VISA standards.

T-Kart became entitled to take part in T.R. National Identity Card project requiring MC and VISA certificates and it provides service with 3 different production lines by allocating 1 line only to T.R. Identity Card and Banking Cards in its factory in order to meet in time all demands from Retail, Transportation and Education where it offers high-volume service.

Please contact us for further information on advantageous economical solutions of T-Kart on MC and VISA certified cards and factory visit.


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