ID / Kimlik Kartları

T-Kart performs printing of such personal information of a user as photo, name-surname, identity number together with company image on card and security practices such as variable UV printing and micro text in a lump.

The cards which are used in/for Public/Private organizations and educational institutions, fee collection, PDKS; Personnel and Student Identity Cards used in private areas of use and authorized pass areas; Discount Public Transportation Cards used for fee collection systems in Public Transit and Transportation sector  and the cards which contain all distinctive personal information, all digital tariff and authorization codes and have top level security and require secure printing technologies according to their area of use are called as ID/Identity Cards.

T-Kart knows that the biggest problem it finds through its experience in ID/Identity Card market where it provides service for many years is the stage of printing ambiguous data in high quantities on card surface and offers the solutions below.

  • •      Printing both the card and photo and personal information in a lump
  • •      Mass printing of data even in high or low quantities
  • •      Long-lasting use of photo and personal information
  • •      Resistance to physical deformation thanks to its flexible and unbreakable structure
  • •      Ease of electronic identification thanks to mass data report in which chip unique id and personal information are matched
  • •      Service in one facility from card body production to delivery to end user


T-Kart has all certificates, machinery-equipment and knowledgeable staff to produce T.R. National Identity Cards.

•      MC and VISA certificate

  • •      Chip Embed
  • •      Rainbow Printing
  • •      OSI, MLI, DOVID
  • •      Guilloche
  • •      Hologram
  • •      Micro Text

You can contract us to get further information on solutions provided by T-Kart.


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