Sadakat ve Gift Kartları

Loyalty Cards are guides for brands to expand their CRM data and  conduct right campaigns

As T-Kart, we have been providing service in the field of loyalty and gift card for many years. T-Kart is a PVC card manufacturing company which brings innovation to the sector in Loyalty Card Projects containing point collection used in CRM systems and campaign systems in Retail Sector. We have been working with not only leading large companies in the sector but pacemaker integrator companies rendering service to large companies in CRM systems for many years.

Quality is of great importance for its reflecting brand prestige; printing and application techniques for bringing the design forward; and experience for loyalty card market where card stock support is very important. At this point, T-Kart, as a company that provides the most experienced and best service in the sector, offers high quality, quick and economical services to many of its customers rendering service in the fields such as Fuel, Chain Markets, Home Textile, Textile, Footwear, Jewelry, etc. for many years.

Loyalty Cards and Gift Cards must be private above all in order to become successful. T-Kart, which uses a separate production line for this market and has printing materials such as Rainbow, Transparent, etc. which highlight the card design apart from PVC, provides the following services within itself;

• You can give a meaning to loyalty cards and gift cards of your customers through printing the image desired by card users on card surface.

•   You can make your designs different from those of competitors through matt lamination, bright lamination and local lacquer options.

•  You can enable card users to carry their cards more efficiently and to share them with their beloved ones through mini-visa, triple/double card perforation options.

•  You can make sales to your customers with design-specific card carrier through Gift Card options. Note that Gift Cards, as other products of your brand, should reflect you in the best way.

•   Magnetic strip, Barcode/QR Barcode applications and opportunity to develop and apply the card technology that is most suitable for your projects

•   Nowadays in which data security is of great importance, sharing mass and daily data according to ISO 27001 and MasterCard/VISA certificates in secure digital media (Secure FTP),

•  Printing daily card data in accredited machinery in accordance with international standards (personalization), enveloping/packaging and delivery

•  Share only your designs and the card technology supporting your project with us and utilise all services from card production and personalization, supply of consumable materials, card-form matching, special packaging, enveloping to delivery in just one facility.

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