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Prepaid Debit Card, in order words stored-value card, is a type of payment card in which monetary value is stored. Contrary to debit/credit cards used in banking, there is no user account in which financial transactions are made and it doesn’t have to be personal (it is generally used anonymously).

In prepaid debit cards, monetary values or data are stored in the card as binary-coded data metaphorically and physically. These cards can generally have magnetic strip, RFID or contact chip for use in transactions requiring high security or have more than one or all of these technologies if more than one transaction is to be made with one card or used in areas having different card reading technologies (such as university campus).

Prepaid debit cards are generally used in transactions for payment of low amounts. The cards having the feature of prepaid debit card can be payphone cards, transportation cards, meal cards, cards used for vending machines or borrowing systems, Casino/game cards, parking cards, gift cards, etc.

T-Kart can provide you with solutions in your projects for prepaid debit card with stored-value feature from public institutions to universities, corporate businesses, service sector and small businesses.

T-Kart provides all services within itself from all personalizationapplications including card body production to enveloping/packaging and delivery , and it offers all these services at standards of ISO 27001, MasterCard and VISA certificates.


You can contact us to get further information on solutions provided by T-Kart.

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