Those who want to make card personalization action within themselves…


You may confront many problems during card personalization with desktop card printers. Removal of information or transparency on card surface even after lamination is among the most common problems. Besides, breaking, bending and suchlike problems are also confronted depending on usage. Cause of these problems is directly related to the card material and card body production.


As T-Kart, we perform quality test for each material we use for changing raw material and also test coherence, flexibility fragility of body material and transparent material and deformation during use and erasability in printing according to size, cutting diameter and depth parameters. In addition, we aim to produce cards in higher quality through our R&D studies. Accordingly, you can benefit from our experiences, supply printless or pre-printed cards produced and tested with generally accepted quality tests at global standards and minimize the problems your confront during and after personalization.


Besides, you can prefer composite printing material developed by T-Kart in R&D studies and find solutions for physical deformation depending on usage and removal of protective layer from card body in long term use.


You can provide flat white printless or pre-printed cards having the technology and in quantity you desire.



You can contact us to get further information on solutions provided by T-Kart.

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