Making the product ready for offering to end user optionally, packaging and delivery…

As T-Kart, we are aware of the importance of delivery of cards to end users and getting them to the next step in supply chain particularly for universities offering distance education programs, financial service, retail and retail sectors.

Therefore, we enable delivery of cards to end users in envelopes or special packages by courier through our Enveloping and Packaging service, and we not only make card production and personalization, but we make it ready for delivery as desired.

Whether your card has security certificates or not, whether it is in envelope or a special presentation carrier, T-Kart provides you with the most appropriate solution.

T-Kart offers delivery service with armed security personnel or armoured vehicle for your high security and certified cards, and it makes your products ready according to the required type of delivery through shipment service and cargo barcode printing.

Special Packaging

  • Placement of your card in special design card carrier in envelope, box, cover, etc.
  • Inclusion of brochure or attachments in the package
  • Creating personal letters, forms and including them in the package
  • Covering the package with desired protective transparent material and sticking personal label on it

Standard Enveloping ~6.000 pcs/hour

  • Label printing
  • Barcode printing on form
  • Form Barcode and magnetic strip reading and control
  • Form-card matching
  • Sticking a card on form
  • Enveloping and closing forms and attachments


  • Shipment
  • Cargo
  • Safe Shipment

Please contact us for further information.


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