Printing of user photo and personal information in layer on the card together with company image (ID Cards)

Every card has a distinctive contactless chip and magnetic strip coding (Trk1, Trk2, Trk3)

Opportunity to maximize card security through our secure printing applications for desired and variable data printing apart from personal definitions

As T-Kart, we think that all our customers are special and different from each other. The applications in which security, tracking and speed are of primary importance for card systems can be performed in personalization applications.

We, as T-Kart, carry our studies and investments regularly in order to provide special service to all our customers and to meet their demands in these operations in which continuous and secure data flow (secure FTP), personal and digital data coding can be made. While we offer all services from the most complex personalization applications, private form and card matching, enveloping, packaging to delivery in this direction,  we provide service in our own facilities such as digital and printing personalization of smart cards and standard cards, special packaging and inserting services suitable for marketing activities of our customers . 

  • • ID Card and Loyalty Card personalization, coding and special boxing/packaging of telecommunication cards
  • • Memory cards used in payphones and meters
  • • Processing the daily data sent in secure (secure FTP) and digital environment in cards through card programs and making personalization actions
  • • Standard and special packaging and delivery solutions
  • • Smart Card Personalization Solutions
  • • High quality photo printing, ink-jet or thermal number printing, magnetic strip coding and personalization actions
  • • High speed in-line magnetic strip coding, Track 1, Track 2 or Track 3 coding facility and additionally magnetic strip applications that are special in size, color and design
  • • Various barcoding options; nested barcoding from 2 to 5, code 128, barcoding from 3 to 9 (Code 39), UPCA (Universal Product Code) barcoding, EAN-13, and EAN-8, QR, datamatrix
  • • Embossed number coding
  • • Card and carrier matching and high capacity and speed enveloping 
  • • Scratch-offs to cover the desired data on the card

As T-Kart, we understand strategic priorities of our customers in their card projects and develop creative, innovative, economical and customer-specific solutions to meet these priorities and offer suggestions.

Personalization advantage T-Kart provides;

Digital Offset ~40.800 pcs/hour

• Personalization technology special for identity cards

• Cards which have high security printing quality, photo and letterpress of which are non-removable through card life and which are resistant to breaking/cracking and tearing

DOD Ink-Jet ~22.000 pcs/hour

  • • More than one application in single line
  • • Double side printing
  • • Barcode and QR barcode printing
  • • Number coding
  • • Magnetic strip, chip coding
  • • Database control
  • • Camera control
  • • Matching and printing chip unique id number and personal information on the card and reporting all personalization information in excel format

Security Applications

  • • Signature Panel
  • • Hologram
  • • Watermark Printing
  • • Variable Latent/UV Printing
  • • Variable Micro Text

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